Investor Relations


“We are a leading fashion group operating in the women’s mainstream fashion segment in 19 countries across Europe, with our two independent and distinct brands: Street One and CECIL. We currently hold a top five position in terms of market share in the German womenswear market. We operate as a “fast fashion follower” by identifying and adapting the latest market trends into mainstream apparel items for our customers and delivering them from initial design to our points of sale. Our design and marketing approach enables us to mitigate “fashion risks” for our own operations and Wholesale Partners, while providing our end customers with a style based on the latest trends, thus enabling them to obtain a current fashionable look. We manage our operations by exercising control through our entire value chain: design, production, wholesale ordering, logistics, eCommerce and Own Retail. We directly manage the most important design and marketing aspects of our business and outsource the more commoditized elements of our processes, such as production and logistics, to specialized third party providers.”

Jim Nowak, CEO

On the following pages, our investor relations team informs you about CBR’s business and current news. Our goal is to establish a continuous and transparent dialog with all capital market participants.